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Our History of Reliability and Strength

The Meeting

An inaugural meeting of the Electrical Home League was held on January 3, 1922. This resulted in the Electric Service League of Ontario and was incorporated under the Ontario Companies Act by Letters Patent.

Hosted the first Annual Electrical Industry Conference
The Electric Heating Association of Ontario, was incorporated under The Corporations Act, 1953 (Ontario) by Letters Patent
Leadership Training Conference begins for Chapter Executives
Red Seal Agreement

In 1952, the rights to the Red Seal trademarks were licensed to the Canadian Adequate Wiring Bureau for all areas of Canada, except for Ontario. The term “Red Seal” has since been adopted for the program that sets common standards to assess the skills of Canadian trades people. When the Red Seal appears on a provincial or territorial trade certificate, it means the tradesperson has demonstrated the knowledge required for the national standard in that trade – still a sign of reliability!

Red Seal Agreement

In April of 1966, the Electrical Service League of Ontario and the Electric Heating Association of Ontario amalgamated as one corporation under the new name… the Ontario Electrical League. While we have seen many changes, we have always existed to try and make a better and more united electrical industry for our province.

Held its first Electrical Student Information Conference
Established Ontario Electrical Awareness month.
OEL member Contractors were able to apply for their first Provincial License
Lobbying Efforts

In 2018, the OEL’s lobbying efforts proved to be instrumental in helping pass legislation to allow one-to-one journey person to apprentice ratios. In 2020, OEL contractors met with Premier Ford and several Members of Provincial Parliament at Queen’s Park to discuss Fairness in Labour Relations. These are just some examples of how we have continued to engage with and amplify our concerns to the Ontario government, whom we’ve established a constructive relationship with to bring change that will keep Ontarians safe.

Lobbying Efforts

The OEL is a non-profit, members-based organization that represents the electrical industry in Ontario. With over 38,000 individual members province-wide, including electrical contractors, inspectors, utilities, distributors, manufacturers, agents, engineers, educators and more, our mission is to promote, strengthen and represent the electrical industry in Ontario

The OEL had participated in our first ever Targeted Riding Campaign
Quinte chapter is added to the OEL membership
The OEL celebrates 95 years of operation